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* [[Annotations:The Confusion:Part II:435--479|Pages 435–479]] ** ''Bonanza'': "Ahmadabad, the Mogul Empire: September 1693" to "The Surat-Broach Road, Hindoostan: A month later (October 1693)" * [[Annotations:The Confusion:Part II:480--515|Pages 480–515]] ** ''The Juncto'': "Mrs. Bligh's Coffee-house, London: September 1693" to "Eliza to Pontchartrain: March 1694" * [[Annotations:The Confusion:Part II:516--556|Pages 516–556]] ** ''The Juncto'': "Rossignol to Eliza: April 1694" to "Eliza to Jean Bart: May 1694" * [[Annotations:The Confusion:Part II:557--585|Pages 557–585]] ** ''Bonanza'': "Southern Fringes of the Mogul Empire: Late 1696" * [[Annotations:The Confusion:Part II:586--617|Pages 586–617]] ** ''Bonanza'': "Malabar: Late 1696 and Early 1697" * [[Annotations:The Confusion:Part II:618--646|Pages 618–646]] ** ''The Juncto'': "The Thames: February 1696" to "Winter Quarters of the King's Own Black Torrent Guards Near Namur: March 1696" * [[Annotations:The Confusion:Part II:646--676|Pages 646–676]] ** ''The Juncto'': "The Track to Pretzsch: April 1696" to "Herrenhausen Palace, Hanover: August 1697" * [[Annotations:The Confusion:Part II:677--704|Pages 677–704]] ** ''Bonanza'': "Japan: May 1700" * [[Annotations:The Confusion:Part II:705--746|Pages 705–746]] ** ''The Juncto'': "Berlin: January 1700" to ''Bonanza'': "The Pacific Ocean: Late 1700 and Early 1701" * [[Annotations:The Confusion:Part II:747--771|Pages 747–771]] ** ''The Juncto'': "Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin: July 1701" to ''Bonanza'': "Mexico City, New Spain: Sukkoth 1701" * [[Annotations:The Confusion:Part II:772--815|Pages 772–815]] ** ''Bonanza'': "Mexico City: December 1701" to "En Route from Paris to London: October 1702"

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