* [[Annotations:The_System_of_the_World:Solomon's_Gold:1--46|Pages 1–46]] ** "Dartmoor" to "Southern England: Late January 1714" * [[Annotations:The_System_of_the_World:Solomon's_Gold:47--72|Pages 47–72]] ** "Crane Court: Early February 1714" * [[Annotations:The_System_of_the_World:Solomon's_Gold:72--104|Pages 72–104]] ** "London: Late February 1714" to "Mr. White's Baiting-Ring: Half an hour later" * [[Annotations:The_System_of_the_World:Solomon's_Gold:104--137|Pages 104–137]] ** "A Subterranean Vault in Clerkenwell: Early April 1714" to "Bloomsbury: Half an hour later" * [[Annotations:The_System_of_the_World:Solomon's_Gold:138--176|Pages 138–176]] ** "Sir Isaac Newton's House, St. Martin's Street, London: Later that day" to "The Kit-Cat Clubb: That evening" * [[Annotations:The_System_of_the_World:Solomon's_Gold:176--204|Pages 176–204]] ** "Crane Court, London: 22 April 1714" * [[Annotations:The_System_of_the_World:Solomon's_Gold:204--233|Pages 204–233]] ** "River Thames: The next morning (23 April 1714)" to "Cold Harbour: The same afternoon" * [[Annotations:The_System_of_the_World:Solomon's_Gold:233--271|Pages 233–271]] ** "Sloop ''Atalanta'', the Hope: Late afternoon" to "Lieutenant's Lodging, the Tower of London: Late afternoon" * [[Annotations:The_System_of_the_World:Solomon's_Gold:271--308|Pages 271–311]] ** "The City of London: Late afternoon" to "Shive Tor: Twilight"

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