Here is a list of families that appear in both Cryptonomicon and The Baroque Cycle. In cases where multiple members of the family appear (example: Wait Still Waterhouse), only the primary member(s) are listed. Some of this, such as the Halaby family, is speculative.

 The Baroque Cycle
Cryptonomicon 1940's
Cryptonomicon 1990'sSnow Crash (2010?)The Diamond Age (2075)
Waterhouse Daniel Waterhouse
Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse
Randy Waterhouse First Distributed Republic First Distributed Republic
Jack & Bob Shaftoe
Bobby Shaftoe
Douglas MacArthur Shaftoe, America Shaftoe  
Moseh de la Cruz

Avi Halaby Da5id Carl Hollywood?
Eliza, Johann von Hacklheber
Rudolf von Hacklheber, Mary cCmndhd?
House Waterhouse  
Gabriel Goto
Goto Dengo Goto Dengo & Ferdinand GotoSushi K? 
Roger Comstock
Silver and Gold branches of the family
Major Earl Comstock of the
OSS and later the NSA, Defense Secretary during the Vietnam War
Attorney General Paul ComstockUS President Greg Ritchie 
Gregory Bolstrood
Gomer Bolstrood Furniture  
Mr. Foot
Bomb and Grapnel pub
Foote Mansion
added "e" to family name
Sultan of Kinakuta
Ancestral Home now luxury hotel
Enoch Root
Dr. Emanuel Lagos/The LibrarianPhyrePhox

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