Jeronimo (also known as El Desamparado, "forsaken by God") is a Spanish member of The Cabal. His full name is Excellentissimo Domino Jeronimo Alejandro Peñasco de Halcones Quinto, Marchioni de Azuaga et de Hornachos, Comiti de Llerena, Barcarrota, et de Jerez de los Caballeros, Vicecomiti de Llera, Entrín Alto y Bajo, et de Cabeza del Buey, Baroni de Barrax, Baza, Nerva, Jadraque, Brazatortas, Gargantiel, et de Val de las Muertas, Domino Domus de Atalaya, Ordinis Equestris Calatravae Beneficiario de la Fresneda. He appears to suffer from Tourette's, as he sometimes seems to curse uncontrollably. Despite his vulgarity, he is a noble figure, intensely loyal to his friends in The Cabal. He was trained in swordplay by a legendary adventurer as a youth and was employed as a privateer before beng captured by the Barbary Pirates.

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